Danes urall.me are an artist collective based in Jutland; a flat open place of heath and moors, almost completely surrounded by seas. Though there’s a scattering of towns but to the north it’s a place at remove from the wider world, with the aura of somewhere outside time and nature.  It’s something you can feel in h å b, and the undulating sense of rhythmic simplicity flowing through both the song and its accompanying video.

With its almost tribal fusion of gospel and triphop sounds, there’s a real primal feel to the track, as the sparse synth leads and percussion function as the perfect foil to the at times fragile vocals. h å b is the fourth of 11 music videos from the debut album wat.r is free. The collective are currently dropping one video a week on their YouTube channel in the leadup to the release of the album, with the previous tracks also available on Spotify.