Tropical Fuck Storm aka TFS are what you might call an Australian alternative supergroup, based in Melbourne Australia. With their use of atonal guitars, offbeat rap, pure vocals and sometimes claustrophobic electronics, they create a sound that can be disconcerting, confrontational, political and very, very catchy = as you can see on the video for their latest release Soft Power.

TFS – which is made up of Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (from Australia’s epic art punk psych maniacs The Drones) with Lauren Hammel (High Tension) on drums, and Erica Dunn (Harmony / Palm Springs) playing guitars and keys – team up to create a firestorm of energy and anger on Soft Power as the intense and personal-is-political nature of the lyrics sync perfectly with crunching guitars and heavy electronics making for a sound that is at times brutal but always grabs the attention of the listener. There’s really nothing soft about it.

TFS has been described as a side project by some, but the creativity and sheer talent involved in the band and displayed on Soft Power shows it to be no vanity project. It’s out now via their own label  and is part of a series of four limited edition 7-inch records (which come out every 8 weeks) with artwork by well-known Montreal artist Joe Becker. You can check out more of TFS’ music on the Mistletone Soundcloud page.

Photo by Bleddyn Butcher