Brooklyn based band The Mystic Underground present Here in My House from their new album Protagonist. They describe their music as being pop songs for the disenchanted, disillusioned and disenfranchised. They are songs for the broken-hearted and desperate, songs that celebrate life, love, death and everything in between. Have an earful!

Here in My House is a slow and atmospheric number, with a smooth and minimal sound that evokes a musical landscape located somewhere between Detroit and Dusseldorf, overlaid with vocals that honey-drip emotional lyrics in to your ear in a heartfelt and seductive style.

With inspiration for their tracks found in the sounds of machines combined with the warmth and immediacy of a pop melody, this New York based band are primed to make their mark with Here in My House and their LP  Protagonist. The album is available now on Stereosonic Recordings, via Bandcamp.