SUMif (the project of San Francisco-based musician Steph Wells) is a regular visitor now to Electronic North, her catchy brand of personal and sometimes political pop winning us over every time. In fact, we interviewed her early January and she’s back with us again with a new track called Love Shop.

After a deceptively quiet opening, a bassline kicks in that reminds me of Radio GaGa of all things in its tight and slightly decadent Europop passion. As the vocals come in you know you’re in for a fun ride, as Wells’ at times vulnerable and at other times cheeky inflections make full use of her vocal range in pursuit of the object of her affections. The arrangement hits all the right spots, as Wells gleefully pilfers from Nordic pop, New Wave and even a bit of pop-punk tonality to create yet another of her wonderful pop fancies.

Love Shop is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and other digital outlets. SUMif will be playing with  Young Galaxy this April if you’re in the San Francisco area – it’s sure to be a great party!

Photo by Kelly Mason