Swedish producer Smok-mon has teamed up with vocalist Lorentzo Jönsson on 05:09 – the title track to Smok-mon’s new album. With subtle hints of Balearic sounds and influences, the song will win over those who love a chilled post-rave comedown.

Smok-mon says his musical background in originally in the Gothenburg’s indie-pop scene, but his evident love of languid beats and mastery of complex dance rhythms has led him to evolve (like a Pokemon?) musically. On 05:09 Smok-mon uses modular synths and an old school sampler conjure up a bewitching brew of laid-back melancholia and warms sounds to give the listener an up to date take on a classic dance genre.

05:09 is out now via SIFTW in digital format and the vinyl version of 05:09 can be ordered here.