Hailing from Newcastle, Australia Skyepaint is the solo project of indie electronic songwriter and producer Amos Wellings. He cites acts like Depeche Mode, Purity Ring, The Postal Service, Grimes and Jamie xx as inspirations and you can hear that successful combination of pop and indie on his debut track as Skypaint – Maybe It’s My Fault – a song that ploughs a similar musical furrow to the likes of CHVRCHES in its offbeat, uplifting feel.

Anderson’s vocals, which are very reminiscent of Rod Thomas of Bright Light Bright Light, lend the song a very indie sensibility that enables the track to straddle both the indie and synthpop scenes with ease. Wellings has previously featured on EN in another guise, and his solo material shows a subtle shift to a more upbeat sound, judging by Maybe It’s My Fault. It’s a bright start to a new project, we look forward to hearing more from him. As well as streaming on Soundcloud you can also check out Maybe It’s My Fault on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Photo by Regan Pickles