Simply put, Monsoon is utterly charming. With this album, up-and-coming UK electronic artist Daniel P. Smith (under the alias of Sight) has opened himself up to new life experiences, by documenting his time in India – taking in sounds, and experiences, mixing them up and collecting them together to craft something utterly wonderful – it’s like a sonic journey through your headphones (like Tycho meeting Massive Attack), right into one of the most diverse countries (and cultures) on the planet.

Throughout the album, Smith expertly uses soundbytes including natural dripping water, real crowds and chopped up vocals from slum inhabitants, and excellent beats to build the track, and all the effort really pays off. This is real art based on real life, and it will take you to a whole new space.

You will be hard-pushed to find a more soothing, and aurally evocative album through the rest of 2016. This lad has some serious talent, and we’re proud to be showcasing it here on Electronic North.