We Become Ravens is the 8th album from Icelandic electronic/ambient/downtempo artist Ruxpin and its available now via n5MD Records. Mark recently gave it a listen – here’s what he thought.

Over a whopping fifteen tracks,  Ruxpin (aka Jónas Thór Guðmundsson) has created something really unique and special with this release. There’s an almost rock sensibility to some of the tracks, with traces of early drum and bass overlaid with what feels like a very chilled and introspective sound.

It’s ambient, but never once drops into the background thanks to some interesting musical curveballs such as the more upbeat but still hypnotic Saying Goodbye Was Never Easy and the wonderfully melodic and driving Polly Polly.  This is very much mood music, very textured and very accomplished with not a weak track on it.  It really is a stunning piece of work. Go get it.