Heartbeat Mind is the first fruits of the collaboration between electronic producer RuN RiOT and folk-oriented singer/songwriter Kevin Pearce. Both hailing from East Anglia (think the Netherlands but more rural and primal) the duo says they started writing together after a chance encounter via the BBC Introducing musical portal. One listen to Heartbeat Mind and you’ll be glad that meeting happened!

Though infused with a rock ambiance at times, especially in the more majestic moments, that is not so much a feeling inspired by the arrangement, but more the scope and breadth of the track’s emotional intensity. In essence, Heartbeat Mind is a very personal track, with folk cadences and big beats being subsumed effortlessly by Pearce’s earnest yet touching vocals. Low key acoustic elements reinforce the sense of primordial mystery behind the meaning of the lyrics, leaving the listener in a spate of suspense and wonder. For all its electronic nuances, Heartbeat Mind feels as natural, as born of nature, as the wind and the rain.

Heartbeat Mind is out now, with streaming and download details to be found here. The track is one of three the two artists will be releasing over the next few months, and they promise to be something special if Heartbeat Mind is anything to go by.