Parisian duo Royaume  – Singer Yumi Aoki and producer-instrumentalist Moon Boy (Frederic Saurin) – have returned from a short break with a video for their track If We. It was filmed in conjunction with Vevo France as part of the video hosting service’s dscvr series that captures bands at their raw and live best, as you can see below.

In the live version of the track, the subtleties and nuances of If We become more apparent – the layers and textures of Yumi Aoki’s vocals, the rich and warm tones of the arrangement, the ebb and flow of emotions engendered by the track as a whole, all adding up to make the song a heartfelt, almost heroic electro ballad.

If We is released via Le Label/PIAS and can be streamed on Spotify and is available to stream and download on all major digital outlets.

Photo by Mélanie & Ramon