American artist Rodes Rollins has come out with a gothic pop classic in the form of Wes Come Back.  The follow-up to her single Young & Thriving, it’s a successful blend of doomy 60’s country-pop, electronica and a lyrical bent worthy of Serge Gainsbourg; combining to create a real musical gem. The accompanying video contains imagery and themes some might find upsetting.

Rollins describes the track as drawing inspiration from Broken Bells and Ennio Morricone, as it tells the story of Wes, Rodes Rollins’ young love who endured a lot of hardship throughout his life. The video was filmed in Mexico City and directed by José María Espinosa de los Monteros Tatto, who has previously received acclaim for two short films called La última vez and WhippetWes Come Back and Young & Thriving both feature on Rollins’ most recent EP Young Adult which is out now via Allen Road Music.