How would you pitch Resin to a friend? Courtney Love with a digitised soul maybe? Probably too simplistic a characterisation, but whilst Hoarse is avowedly electronic in nature, there is an emotional heart to the song that feels more akin to heartfelt rage of grunge than any other genre, though at times it hints towards the more nihilistic end of dark wave or the bleakness of modern Industrial rock sound. You’ll have to judge for yourselves, but the quality of the music is undeniable.

Born and raised in Prague, Niko Antonucci, aka Resin, now resides in Los Angeles. Starting out as a pianist at age six and stealing her father’s guitar as a teen, she cut her first demo at 15 and sang in different bands for several years. She states that she realised at a young age that in order to get the sound she wanted, she would need to do it herself and has been producing her music ever since. Hoarse is from Resin’s upcoming release Fidget which is currently up for pre-order – you can get more details on her website.