Ramataupia are French musicians Aurélie and Yohann, who say their music could be summed up as ‘electronic folk pop’. Artistically, the band encompasses not just music but VJing and Graphism, so that for them their music is ‘reflection of their feelings, like a drawing, a sculpture’. The duo made more than 40 versions of No money N Joy before choosing this one to release.

The video is visually arresting and strong, with bold and bright – if sinister –  images keeping the viewers’ attention. The track works in a similar way, loops and breaks pummelling the listeners’ aural sense with layers of brooding energy, whilst Aurélie’s vocals flow like a dark river, washing over you in a tidal wave of spikey emotion and edginess. Though sonically very different, No money N Joy will strike a chord with fans of Zola Jesus, Goldfrapp and Björk.

The song is from Ramataupia’s INTO SEE ME EP which you can listen to on Bandcamp and Spotify. The duo is playing the French city of St. Etienne in April – you can find out more here.