R E L is the solo musical project of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Arielle Sitrick and she assigns the name EVOCA-​POP™ to her very sophisticated and individual sound – the word being a combination of the words evocative and pop. Her latest track, Consciousness is an ethereal affair and you can check out it below. The accompanying video was directed by directed by R E L with Jillian Dudley.

Consciousness is a lush and luscious blending of dream pop, alternative ​RnB and electro, using layers or warm tones and subtle changes to communicate its essence, but rather than focussing on the sounds of genres, the track instead seeks inspiration from the feelings they engender – awareness, power, positivity… all things that echo the track’s theme of self-awakening.

Consciousness – which is collaboration with producer Robot Koch – is out now and can be streamed on R E L’s Soundcloud page and Spotify profile.