Vocalist Julia Sykes, Kris Taylor (guitar) and William Brown (drums) are PLYA, who have followed up their track Thinking Of You which we featured back in October with the subtly epic Adrenaline. It’s fair to say the track brings them one step closer to a wider audience for their uplifting dark electro pop sound.

Sykes’ rich and emotive vocals are underpinned by an arrangement that harks back to the days of the 80s soundtrack ballad. With its balance of American rock sheen and a British pop sensibility,  Adrenaline manages to be both personal and universal in its sound and lyrics. In fact, it’s probably the track that’ll close out their sets at festivals, leaving the crowd singing in their wake.

Adrenaline is the second single from their upcoming album and vocalist Julia Sykes says the song is about “that perfect high you feel when you fall for someone new. For us, the track captures the rush of living in that care-free moment, but not knowing where it will take you”.

The track is out now, streaming on Spotify and is available on all major digital services. You can find out more about PLYA via their official website and Instagram.

Photo by Fraser Taylor