The very worst of Petrol Bastard. Yes indeed. The chaotic, witty digital hardcore of Leeds’ most debauched two-piece now warrants a best of? Yep. This collection documents the county’s most ridiculous band and their journey to cult status through such choice cuts as, Beefy Grandad and Swan Shit On Mah Dick.

All jesting aside, the pair’s understanding of electronic music in general is pretty fucking remarkable – the long utilised tag of “Tesco-value Prodigy” is quite accurate when you listen intently – oh, you better believe ol’ Liam Howlett would dig this shit.

Indeed the beats here are bangin’, and the programming is on-point, creating actual proper anthems (go listen to Shoot The Dog and tell us different…) that people actually, properly adore. A highlight though for this writer, is ‘Oi Lad’, and it’s the closest thing to an inspirational gabber ballad that you’re ever gonna find. Mint.

Petrol Bastard are a bit of an anomaly, and will inevitably continue to be – some people just don’t get it, but those that do fucking love it. Jon Tetsuo and Ben Atomgrinder are a belting kick to the knackers for an “industrial” scene that for better or worse, takes itself far too seriously. So then, long live Pertl Barsteward (sic)! Seriously though, please don’t fuck off now lads, the scene still needs you to shove your circuitboard right up its arse, for as long as fuckin’ possible.