Londoner Nyna has followed up her well received debut track Faces (which we featured last June) with yet another dark pop stormer in the form of Silence. You can check out the track, which was written and produced by Nyna along with Shemzy and NAVAN, below.

With vocals and an arrangement that initially take a relaxed and at times subdued tone, Silence doesn’t hurry to let itself unfurl musically, lyrically and emotionally. Feeling languid and opioid, it lulls the listener in to a sense of security before the track hits subtle heights, as Nyna sings about “Floating quietly” and “Killing it silently”, the song growing in breadth and depth as it reaches a musical and lyrically freeing climax. There’s a more muscular, almost urban edge to Nyna’s darkly baroque pop, and along with the hard hitting drums it’s added another layer of electronic soul to an already well-defined sound.

Silence is out now and can be streamed and downloaded via all the major digital platforms. You can find out up to date news, photos and more on Nyna’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.