We Are Here is the debut single from Swedish singer and producer Nova Hall. She describes her sound as ‘electronic rainbow grunge’ and cites artists like FKA Twigs, Mutemath and Placebo as influences; but as you can tell from We Are Here her sound is captivatingly different.

Nova Hall’s voice has a moving quality to it, conveying so much emotion with a breathy and ethereal vocal style. The track has a very low-key ambiance which in turn serves to highlight the twists and turns in both the lyrics (inspired by philosopher Alan Watts) and the arrangement. The organic drums add to the humanity and ground the listener even as the synths give the sensation of floating in space. Beautiful in its sound and rebellious in its tone – that’s We Are Here.

We Are Here is out now via Evoke Music and you can find information on how to stream and download the track by clicking on this link.