Welcome to Space by Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer moon:and:6 is the first video and single from his upcoming new album, A Brief History of American Space Travel — a meticulously told story of the American Space program from 1958 to 2011. Check it out.

At 29 minutes in length, it’s a conceptual mini album that reveals new details with each listen. I’m going to make a clear comparison to Public Service Broadcasting here (though moon:and:6 has a much more electronic, atmospheric feel to his work), because both thematically and structurally it makes me think of their second album a lot. That’s no bad thing by the way, as they’re a brilliant band and anyone who takes history and science and puts it to well crafted, well written electronic music is a hero in my book. Keep an eye on moon:and:6’s website and watch out for the album when it’s released on the 31st of March.