Melbourne based duo Messy Mammals are Asha Trips (bass and vocals) and Fionn Brewer (production and guitar). They feel – and I  agree – their music defies genre, but they add you could describe it as ‘warped pop’: a combo of glitchy beats, analogue synths, and warpy, warm, colourful sounds, iced with pretty melodies and layered harmonies. They formed in London (Fionn’s hometown) in 2013 but via a spell in Sydney, they are currently based in Naarm / Melbourne from where springs the wonderfully bonkers Orchids.

Speaking about Orchids, they describe it as being ‘an escape pod, a reverie, a common thread of superb feeling and sensation that runs across several emotions/experiences that are based in the NEW, like when you’re about to head out on holiday to the beach with friends, or when you can’t stop thinking about someone you really like, and it’s all so new and exciting and gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat out of your chest like you’re in a cartoon’.

Orchids follows on from their 2016 Rewind Zodiac album and subsequent singles. The track sees them plough a bubbly yet eccentric musical furrow; its irregular beat, sing-song vocals and upbeat demeanour are at odds with the quirky electro nature of the song, yet it works. They put me in mind of the much missed Les Rita Mitsouko –  a perfect mix of pop and art.  You can follow this link to find out more about the band, their music as well as streaming and purchase details for the track which is out now.