Irish alt.rock/psych/synth/industrialrock/stoner/godknowswhat  band Meltybrains? release a new EP on 18th of November, preceded by their brand new single Know My Name. We’re not entirely sure what to make of this band, but there’s some serious talent here. Check it out.

Featuring that track and four others, the Dublin quintent blend together a massive range of musical influences to create a haunting, progressive sound that’ll be sure to build on the buzz they have garnered so far this year.

We’re not sure whether it’s their classical music background, their indie rock sensibility, their effortless use of dreamlike electronic sounds or their predilection for mood setting avant-garde, but this track and indeed the rest of the EP  grabs you from the off, instantly hooking you in and revealing more with each listen.

Keep an eye on the band’s website for more information, and catch them live near you, soon.