Back in December we featured Kyle Molleson’s Makeness project and the track Day Old Death. Gearing up for the release of his album, there’s a new single called Stepping Out of Sync and there’s a video by Felix Silvestris and Josha Eiffel to accompany it.

There’s a faint hint of the EBM that underpinned his previous release but Stepping Out of Sync takes a more modern spin on things, with a disco-infused electro sound and pulsating percussion providing the backbone for vocals that are awash with pathos and emotion. Superficially positive and upbeat, there’s a melancholy and unsettled air bubbling under the surface, which gives the sweet beats a bit of a kick.

The track is out now via Secretly Canadian and will also feature on the upcoming Loud Patterns album – find out more about how to pre-order and pre-save the album here.