Madly is a new project from Beach Pigs members Dahnu Graham and Suren Unka. The long time musical collaborators seem to have found a new lease of life, judging by the fragile beauty of their debut single Cloud Nine.

There’s a soft yet insistent nature to Cloud Nine, as a trance like rhythm underpins an organic piano melody and percussion that feels like it is whispering lovingly in your ear. The arrangement feels like a warm summer rain in the way it refreshes, soothes and cleanses the soul, each note like a drop of nectar from the clouds. There’s subtle shades of Jon Hopkins, M83 and The Postal Service in the track, but Danhu’s unique and rich vocal tones take it in to realms of the reflective inner cosmos.

Singer Dahnu, speaking of the new project said: “Our goal was to keep everything as fresh as possible, which meant if it wasn’t coming together by the first day we would drop it. Thankfully the relationship between Suren and I is strong enough that we each know how to communicate our dislikes and likes, which means we can work through material quickly”.

Cloud Nine is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and all major digital outlets including Bandcamp and iTunes.