Lye Marlow is going to be one of those musical projects that will create debate and maybe a bit of controversy, beginning with her debut track Headlights. Describing it’s sound as ‘Industrial Pop’ – a genre that some say doesn’t or even shouldn’t exist, she takes a very commercial song structure and twists and shapes it to be something else: dark different, challenging at times but catchy on its own terms.

Speaking about the song, Marlow says: “I wrote Headlights when I was allowing someone else’s behaviour to make me feel like I wasn’t enough. The song is about challenging that inclination and asserting that anyone who doesn’t see your light is missing the point. It’s an anthem of self-empowerment, and a stance against anyone who would denigrate your character under the glare of their assumptions.” Headlights will challenge a lot of people’s assumptions and that is something to be relished in these conformist days!