Lalume are a Berlin-based, Norwegian/Australian electro-pop duo. They define their music as being a ‘patchwork of styles and eras weaving classical vocals, poetry and mythological elements into electronic beats and catchy synth-pop melodies’. Juno is the duo’s second single, following hot on the heels of Clouds which was released in October.

Juno is a real quiet stormer of a song: the dark electronic feel of the track is amplified by the gothic and almost operatic nature of the vocals. The arrangement has a brooding, organic nature and a slightly retro feel – fitting as the track was inspired by the band being given a vintage Juno synth.

The video – which features some striking shots and imagery – was shot in an abandoned building in Berlin-Neukölln with the duo wearing a wedding dress and a rabbit mask, which alludes to the notion that ‘an emotional commitment is a journey down a rabbit hole’.

Juno and Clouds are the initial instalments in a process that will see the duo release one track online every month culminating in a full-length debut album, which will have a vinyl release, in September 2018. Juno is out now, streaming on Soundcloud and you can find out more about how to download the song here.