Not so long ago we featured the beautifully lush Limestone from Kauf. ‘Achingly beautiful vocals almost whispering sweet nothings in your ear whilst the arrangement of the track effortlessly pulls your heartstrings’ was my summary at the time, and that opinion has grown stronger on repeated listens. Kauf has now dropped a Thomas Taugher directed video for Limestone, which you can watch below.

Kauf reflects on the video, which features his drummer Joseph August and musician friend, Maiah Manser : “The concept for the video was fairly simple – we wanted the main romantic couple to be very still for most of the shots, while we projected more turbulent, organic imagery over them to reflect their internal states. The wardrobe for them was chosen to be very minimal and intimate. It is mostly shot in black and white, but halfway through there are bursts of colour to give the relationship some sense of persisting vitality”.

In relation to the track itself he goes on to say; “Limestone is basically the ballad of the album, so I thought it was appropriate to sing directly to the viewer and try to make the performance more vulnerable than anything I’ve done before. And since the track is about not being fully honest in a relationship, it felt like I was confronting that head on, in some way.”

Limestone is out now and also features on the current Kauf album called Regrowth. You can find out how to download or stream them here, or for information on obtaining physical copies of the album check out his Bandcamp page.