Finland is a track from musician Julian DeMarre’s recent album Electric Child – on the album, DeMarre reconnects with his youth and records a retrospective diary of electronic and ambient tracks. Watch the video here.

Co-produced with Dan Powell (Soniccouture), recorded in Los Angeles and Berlin, the album features contributions from Heiko Maile (Camouflage), Michael Saup (Supreme Particle) and renowned percussionist Tom Saup. On the track, DeMarre uses loops,  vocal samples and synths to conjure a sense of impending violence and fear.

The video and subject matter of Finland may be a bit close to the bone for some, with both being a commentary on events leading up to World War 2 and the increasing threat towards the small nations of Europe. DeMarre was inspired to create the track by the rise of the alt-right in America and the rise on populist nationalist movements in Europe. Electric Child is available now via Hommebot Records and can be streamed on Spotify.