Jimmy is a real boy so it seems, and the artist Jimmy is a really special find as is the song by the same name. I can’t tell you much about Jimmy the musician, but I suspect we’ll find out more in the next few months! Check out the Beck meets Björk musical confection below.

There’s an inventive and eccentric flair to Jimmy – the track and I suspect the person also. It comes across as part love song, part reflective piece, with lyrics that paint images in your mind with great ease. The arrangement feels like a distillation of some classic sounds of the last few decades – a drop of Lou Reeds’ lyrical decadence, Kevin Barnes’ way with a musical phrase, Bowie’s flair for the dramatic… It probably won’t be to everyone’s taste, but Jimmy is quite unique, unusual, dark and wild but oh so very good!

Photo by Zosha Warpeha