JB Dunckel is best known to many as one part of AIR, whose album Moon Safari is probably the best example of French disco electronica ever released, with a sound that still feels fresh twenty years later. Dunckel’s work continues to flourish in terms of creativity, as you hear on his new single Love Machine.

Unsurprisingly it channels elements of the classic and sophisticated electronic style that AIR helped pioneer (and reminds me of how Dunckel has influenced so much of what we hear today).

Uncomplicated, chiming electronica flows like water over a Moog-inspired bass line, the track slowly building as the vocals glide gracefully in tones that are simultaneously sensual in terms of the lyrics and oddly dispassionate about the more mercenary rules of love. It can be difficult for artists to move on from ground breaking work, but JB Dunckel has done that with considerable success on Love Machine.

Love Machine will feature on his new album H+ on March 16th which is now available for pre-order. The track and his previous releases can also be streamed on Spotify and all major digital platforms.