Erica von Trapp is a keyboardist, vocalist, and one half of the group Jane Machine. Working with her partner Jules de Gasperis, who is the drummer and co-producer of Jane Machine, von Trapp explores and experiments with genres and sounds, creating tracks like I Hope We Win that can meld the left field sensuality of Goldfrapp with the pure but intelligent pop of Madonna at her commercial and creative heights. Check out the video directed by French-Indian director Hannah Rosselin of Trinita Films below.

Jane Machine says ‘I Hope We Win is about how we dull ourselves down trying to fit into society’s expectations of us … and inspired by the synth riff and a frustrating family conversation. The video was filmed in France and like the song and Jane Machine, focuses on the power of women and The Gulabi Gang in India: a real group of Indian women who combat rapists and corrupt government officials using pink sticks’.  Their force has restored peace in a large part of rural India and they’re pretty badass.

She’s described her music as ‘sad indie electronic pop music’ but there’s still a flame of joy and loving life within her sound. You can listen to more from Jane Machine on Spotify and I Hope We Win will feature on the upcoming debut album Back Seat Driver. You can find out more via their website.