Following the massive success of Yosemite, Hider has returned with his third single. Listen is similar in tone and feel to his previous output in its atmospheric, hypnotic nature but has a more stripped down and human feel, whilst building up a sense of warmth and awe from the minimal but repeated vocal loop and use of guitar and piano that gives the track a sensuous spine.

Speaking about the track, Hider says: ‘Listen is a little different to most of the music I’ve made before. I experimented for the first time with sampling. The main guitar line was created by sampling my acoustic guitar then playing it on the keyboard, I then added an arpeggiator, the vocal hook was sampled from an improvised vocal take and the song then took on its own life.’

Listen has an accompanying video clip directed by Simon Dymond, the concept for which is based on the idea of a land in ‘where music is illegal, where people go mad without it and would do anything to get their hands on it’. You can find out more about Hider and his music on his official website, whilst Listen and his previous singles can be streamed on Spotify.