Goldilox has teamed up again with TheonlyG on her new Picard Brothers produced single, Ketamine. It’s a non-judgemental meditation on drug use, not just about the effects of the drug, but of the cultural milieu in which it’s consumed.

After a subdued start, similar in feeling to the uncertain beginning of a big night out, the track builds with Goldilox’s vocals ramping up the levels of quasi-religious intensity, knowing she should be good, but not just yet. The track emerges from its shell, taking flight in a grimy and urban style, unapologetic for its subject matter. Musically and topically it might not be to everyone’s tastes, but there’s no denying that it’s a great track, in or out of a club setting.

Speaking about the song, Goldilox says: “I was in London for the weekend with my friends. London has a different type of energy, especially at night. Sometimes I like to duck out of life with my friends … we go into our own world where we can express ourselves without filter. It’s not so much about the drugs, it’s about the excitement that comes around it. I love to sit back and watch my friends get off their head … none of us give a fuck.”

Ketamine is out now and is streaming on Spotify and all is available on all major digital platforms.