Ghost Noise are Gawby Weinstein, John Casey Connolly, Josh Dean – a Los Angeles based trio that specialise in making a sound informed by the moodier outer reaches of dreampop and synthpop. The band has a strong musical and visual identity, as you can see in the Jessica Nicole Collins directed video for their latest release, Rising Sign.

Rising Sign has a deliciously languid feel to it, with synths that seem to hark back to the days of 80s Europop, but in terms of the tone and structure, the song occupies a sweet spot between euphoria and melancholy. The track throbs to life, glacial synths slowly giving way to warmer tones and vocal performances that ache with emotion. It’s emotional synthpop at its best!

Rising Sign is out now, you can stream it on the bands’ Spotify and Bandcamp pages, and will feature on Ghost Noise’s upcoming third EP – be sure to keep an eye on their social media for more details!

Photo by Nick Marshall