American artist Geo has followed up the slow jam of previous single For You by teaming up with Gabriela Francesca and Rex Mac on Better; a perfect melange of acid jazz, classic 70s soul, and laid-back rap which will delight the senses. Francesca’s vocals give it an air of playful fun, with Mac’s rapping adding a layer of masculine sensuality. You know those old Rock Hudson/Doris Day romcoms? Better feels like a modern take on that but in musical form.

Geo says Better was a creative expression to a bad situation he was in: ‘I felt an extraordinary amount of guilt in feeling like I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be in my relationship, “Better” is a response to that feeling. This song is very special to me due to the fact that my featured artist, Gabriela Francesca, is my girlfriend, making it a bit of a tear jerker for me … Better is a reminder that no matter what you are going through, your significant other will love you through it; this is a tribute to unconditional love’.

Better is out now and you can check out it and more of Geo’s chilled beats over on Spotify and Soundcloud.