Gaura Sange is amongst other things the alter ego of 19-year-old Toronto musician and multimedia artist Geoff Scott. He says he draws inspiration from genres going back to Philly soul and up to the present day but eschews using them in a retro setting. That’s certainly something you can pick up from Desensitized.

Icy and removed, Desensitized instead uses Scott’s vocals to convey much of the human emotion, through his vocal inflections and stark lyrics. Think Nico or Scott Walker taking the dark electro sound and accentuating the ambiance of brooding abandonment, with techno rumblings and an air of Victorian gothic combining in a mystical, darker Neverland, feeling as much a treatise on pain as it does a leftfield pop song.

Scott says Desensitized is about overcoming cardiophobia, but in the process, losing the emotions that are inextricably connected to the heart itself. He went on to say: ‘My hyper awareness of heartrate and blood pressure provides me with a lens to view emotion. All that is important in life, effects the heart. I find particular inspiration in how both positive and negative experiences can elicit a similar response from the heart. For example, having sex and breaking up both leave you with a pounding heart and a flushed face, but with very different emotional context’.

You can find more music by Gaura Sange on Soundcloud, be sure to check out this interesting and innovative artist – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.