Elektrisk Gønner was initially formed in 2010 when producer Benjamin Løzninger teamed up with then unknown Danish singer , remotely recording an album over the course of 12 days from either side of the Atlantic Ocean. MØ signed to Sony, Benjamin relocated to Brooklyn and teamed up with Skyler Cocco for the new Elektrisk Gønner line-up ahead of the release of new material in 2017 and 2018. Money is the first of their new tracks, a chilled slice of quality electronica showcasing the sweet and melodic vocals of Cocco.

Money is sure to be the start of an exciting new chapter for Elektrisk Gønner and is out now, released via Kaleidoscope in the UK and Netherlands, and Nordic Records imprint Painted Black throughout the rest of the world. Check out the links for more details, as well as Spotify for more of the band’s work.

Photo by Tamara Hansen.