Chicago indie electronic group Dirty Sole have teamed up with vocalist and producer Foremost Poets on their new single She Saved My Lifea dark and dangerous ride through the outer reaches of electronica. Check out the video below.

With a fusion of the futuristic and the analogue, the song riffs on the obsessive elements of love – though whether they’re talking about a person or a song is open to interpretation at times. What shines through in the vocals and lyrics though, is that slow and burning desire that delivers menace and ecstasy in equal measure. The dirty cinematic nuances of the lush synths and ominous arpeggios add to the sensation of something not quite being right but still oh so desirable, making She Saved My Life a dangerous delight.

She Saved My Life is streaming on Spotify now and you can also find the track as well as the remix by Lil’ Mark on Beatport.