Catalan duo Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé are the driving force behind DESERTS – a band that starts off with a dreampop template but takes a more electronic and experimental direction in their work, both musically and visually, as exemplified by their new single Sense Likes.

‘Sense’ in this instance is a reference to the Catalan word for ‘without’, as well as the word in the English meaning and that’s an esoteric concept that the track successfully conveys. There’s a lovely warm feel to the song, the rich vocals and bubbling electropop arrangement not failing to soothe the soul. However, though it glides effortlessly between tempos as if mirroring the changing scenes in an art movie (something reflected in the video), there’s an air that underneath all the art and beauty that the duo is hinting at a feeling or loss and expectation.

Sense Likes is out now via  Brooklyn label CSCN and  can be streamed on Spotify and purchased via all major digital outlets.

Photo by nietzzz