Nothing is ever quite straightforward with the Norwegian track-suited synthpop superstars and general madcap musicians that usually – but not always – go by the name of DATAROCK. After what seemed like centuries (nine years, but it felt a lot longer), the band are back with a bang in the form of new track Ruffle Shuffle.

Always known for their offbeat and arty take on synthpop as well as their tendency to infuse it with quirky lyrics and rock licks, Ruffle Shuffle sees the band continue in that addictive and fun style. From the Beck like opening –languid drum loops, samples that wouldn’t sound amiss on a Charlie Brown cartoon and lyrics that sounds like a lean-inspired stream on of consciousness, the whole thing is a roller-coaster of perverse pleasure. It’s great to have DATAROCK back!

Ruffle Shuffle is out now via Yap Records and can be streamed on Spotify and will feature on the band’s upcoming Face The Brutality album which is due out some time on 2018 – check out their website for more news on the album and there’s some live gigs too!