ComputeHer crafts some of the most intelligent, and uplifting chiptune material we’ve heard in recent years. Indeed, Michelle Sternberger’s passion for creating delightful electronic melodies as the perfect soundtrack for the ultimate video game of my brain – everything’s bouncing around, and there’s blocks smashing everywhere – it’s beautiful.

Bliptastic hits the listener hard with some proper bangers, and it’s doubtless that this collection should be considered among the top chip releases in the last few years. Sternberger creates pure digital art within her music, and her own drive and creativity can be heard in spades during the club-ready and beat-heavy, Viking (a personal highlight). Opener, SIDuction meanwhile. offers another example of the artist’s great skill, pulling the listener in and allowing them to experience some fantastic builds, and some nostalgic feel-good parts.

This record has more than enough character to entertain die-hard fans of the genre, as well as inspiring those more casual listeners who are simply pure gaming fans living inside their head and happily having their own 8-bit, pixelated adventures…kinda like me.