Soloft is a collaboration between Colipher – the alter ego of Sebastian Kargl, multi-instrumentalist of Austrian indie band Catastrophe & Cure – and Tobias Koett – singer and head of Berlin-based RnB electronica project Ant Antic. Check out the video for the track below.

The track exists in a kind of musical dream world – the dance and pop elements of the track fuse well with the indie sensibility of the song structure, creating an overall sound that can be characterised as a lullaby for adults. The track creates an almost dissociative state, one sometimes attributed to the drug of the same name, a sense of happy remove washing over the listener. Chiiled but warm – that’s Soloft.

Soloft is the first release on FM4 Unlimited Matches, an initiative by the Austrian radio show to inspire and facilitate collaborations between artists active in various fields of electronic music. You can find out more about how to stream, download Soloft here.