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The Weekly Roundup 23.07.17

Like many people, I was shocked and saddened by the death of Chester Bennington this week at the age of 41. There’s lots of speculation around what happened and why, but I’d prefer to think about his musical legacy; Meteora and Hybrid Theory were great rock albums  – in fact great albums, period. In recent years Linkin Park’s sound had changed markedly and even though it sounded more commercial in the latter part of their career, the lyrical content could still carry great emotional weight and meaning as seen and heard on Nobody Can Save Me. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they found peace, reassurance and comfort in the work of Bennington and his band when they were going through their tough times and it’s sad that for whatever reason he couldn’t find that solace himself. To this weekend’s roundup then.

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NEW MUSIC: Lump200 – Pull the Daisies

I have to admit I have no idea what I could say about Pull The Daisies by Lump200 that would do the track justice. It’s a collision of funk, samples and avant-garde sounds that combine to make a track that is deeply experimental and very, very fun.

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NEW MUSIC: Resin – Hoarse

How would you pitch Resin to a friend? Courtney Love with a digitised soul maybe? Probably too simplistic a characterisation, but whilst Hoarse is avowedly electronic in nature, there is an emotional heart to the song that feels more akin to heartfelt rage of grunge than any other genre, though at times it hints towards the more nihilistic end of dark wave or the bleakness of modern Industrial rock sound. You’ll have to judge for yourselves, but the quality of the music is undeniable.

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NEW MUSIC: Since November – Star System

Star System is the first single from the Finnish indie-electro band Since November and it’s quite stunning; the opening piano riff is just instantly entrancing, whilst Tomi Mäkilä’s vocals combine sweetly with a driving bassline and the sweetest of strings to serve up a track you’ll fall in love with immediately.

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MOTHERMARY grew up in a Mormon family of 11 in Montana. After leaving religion and being faced with an uncertain, but exciting new future, she eventually found herself starting fresh in Brooklyn, NY. She began writing and producing her own music out of her bedroom studio in Bushwick. Having recently been reunited with her twin sister, they are now performing live together. One of the fruits of that partnership is the single You Know How I Feel.

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NEW MUSIC: Georgi Kay – Scary People

With a love for creating and looping electronic beats, bass, synths and stunning vocals, Georgi Kay is a British-Australian artist based in LA who has received multiple awards for her original work, song-writing and collaborations over the years. 2016 saw her make a big impression with her Origins EP, Scary People sees her ready to make just as big an impression on the later part of 2017!

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