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In Review: Felt and Fur – Aftertouch

The first thing that occurs to me as I listen to Felt and Fur’s ‘Aftertouch’ EP is that it’s a bold move placing an unusual intro at the very beginning of the first song, but it certainly piques interest, and the contrast between the simple sonic melody and the moment when everything else kicks in is breathtaking. The second thing is that there’s a passion and presence in the sound which demonstrates clearly that this Texas group love what they’re doing, and that energy is infectious.

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In Review: Shunya – Mountain Gazer Pt. 2

Originally from Ireland but now based in Manchester, Shunya (Alan Keary) is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with a strong musical heritage, and has been writing and producing music from the age of fourteen. Mountain Gazer is the opening track to his latest EP Mountain Gazer Pt. 2.

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In Review: Mark Corrin – EP II: Driver

There’s a lot of politically charged music coming out at the moment, and in a society that’s presently so divided on social and political issues, it’s a positive thing to see that people give a damn enough to make a statement; that there are so many artists with something to say and a willingness to say it. Manchester in particular right now seems to be a hotbed of great new music in general, and it’s there where Mark Corrin is based.

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In Review: Parallels – Metropolis

Canada seems to do a nice line in synthpop these days, with well known and respected acts like Austra and Grimes flying the flag. Toronto’s Parallels should easily be joining that list on the strenth of Metropolis, their latest album.

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In Review: Mr Kitty – A.I.

A few weeks ago we featured Crisis Point by Mr. Kitty in our Weekly Roundup and said at the time that if this track was anything to go by, the upcoming album A.I.  promised to be an instant favourite. After a few listens, it’s fair to say the album doesn’t disappoint. Read Mark’s review here.

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In Review: darkDARK – Heathered

Heathered is the debut EP of evocative electropop project darkDARK. Clear, crystalline electronic sounds combine with rich guitar hooks and purposeful, uncluttered beats driving the music along beneath vocals which manage to be breathy and at times fragile, whilst at the same time strong and prominent. Read Amy’s review.
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