Brian Holl is Boy Bjorn, a Nashville based musician/artist. Though he’s been making music for some years now in other guises, Boy Bjorn is very much a solo project he says is born from a period of reflection and taking stock as a result of turning 25 (!). There’s an open feel to his new song Gunpoint, both emotionally and musically, with Holl seemingly drawing in influences and feelings from the world around him. Gunpoint makes you feel oddly secure in an exposed place, as acoustics and electronics fuse to create a womb of warmth around you. Check out the Skyler Lawson directed video below, which like the song evokes wide open spaces and a sense of longing.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the Boy Bjorn project, Holl says; ‘For the last 10 years, I’ve been half of (electronic folk) duo Foreign Fields (and that’s certainly still a thing) but now just felt like it was time for me to take on my own thoughts and instincts for a solo project’. Gunpoint which is also on Spotify and Soundcloud will feature on the upcoming Boy Bjorn album Mistaken Animals which is due out in early 2018.