Italian producer Boxedge (aka Florentine Alessandro Bemporad) and Ukrainian soprano Maryana Bodnar have joined up to collaborate on a project that is inspired by the fusion of contemporary electronic music and classical opera singing. With a sound that successfully brings together elements of dark electro, trance and opera, Under The Moon is something rather unique.

It’s a sound that may resonate with fans of Qntal, though the source materials are something different. As Maryana Bodnar’s voice soars majestically, at times swooping elegantly to warp itself about the electrifying and darkly pulsating arrangement, Under The Moon has the feeling of being a real voyage of musical discovery and a meeting of minds. You’ll have not heard anything like this before, but you’ll certainly want to hear more.

It’s out now, streaming on Spotify and can be downloaded from all major digital stores. There’s no news of an album yet, so be sure to keep an eye on the social media for more information on releases.