Blonde Maze is the New York based electronic pop project of Amanda Steckler, who says she documents her emotions through ‘synths, bells, and sincere lyrics’. There’s not many bells on Thunder but there’s plenty of synths, emotions and sincerity – and what’s more there’s a real organic mix of uplifting beats and rhythms underneath all that lyrical intensity.

Steckler’s vocals bring a real charm to the track, that in conjunction with the heartfelt lyrics give the song a real emotional heart. It’s a track you can just dance to if you like, or you can treat it as a bedroom anthem, or you can sing along to it with your friends on your way home at four in the morning; really managing to turn the old cliché of a track working on a number of levels into a concrete reality.

There’s a new EP on the way in 2018 and based on this showing, it’ll be a corker! Thunder is streaming now on Spotify, you can find more about Steckler and Blonde Maze over at her website, which has links to all her social media outlets.