Big Beautiful Rectangle is the new project of Brooklyn musician and producer Adam Brody. He describes his sound as embracing a blend of new age, dream pop, and electropop influences to create a slightly ambient, at times disquieting sound. This is Love is Big Beautiful Rectangle’s first single, check out the video, which was filmed on a blueberry farm, below.

Brody says the track explores the relationships between money, labour, and love in what he refers to as ‘the strange and sometimes-bleak world of late-capitalism’. There’s hints on the track of some retro influences, mainly 80’s acts like Tears for Fears, fusing synthpop melodies with a song structure that wouldn’t be amiss on more experimental folk or rock songs – not surprising as he cites Cocteau Twins, Sade, Enya, Nick Drake and Kate Bush as musical influences.

This is Love is out now, and along with companion track Safer Time it can also be found on Big Beautiful Rectangle’s Soundcloud page.