Baby Yaga is an LA-based, Swedish-born pop and performance artist. She says Peter Schilling and David Bowie among her many influences, but harks back to the 80s for musical and creative inspiration – something you can pick up from You & Me and its accompanying video.

There’s a neon bright simplicity and radiance to the song – the lyrics have a deceptively unassuming air to them, but their depth and meaning is reinforced by their repetition. There’s something decidedly leftfield about it all, with the at-times feminist air to the lyrics that shines through what is seemingly a love song. Like the video, the song takes on board many 80s electro nuances but gives them a dreamy and at times unsettling feel, making You & Me bubble gum pop that can bite back!

To find out more about Baby Yaga, check out the Facebook page linked above or follow this link.