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In Review: Cease2Xist – Zero Future

The album was released a few months ago. Dammit, I guess I was too busy gaming to write a review at the time, which is kind of ironic. Anyway, here’s my take on the latest offering from Cease2Xist.

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Introducing: Marc Heal

It seems strange doing an ‘introducing’ feature on Marc Heal, because the man doesn’t need much of an introduction. We recently reviewed (and loved) his latest full length album The Hum and now our own Dr Magic was lucky enough to chat to Marc about the production  of the album, his career and his next steps. Read it here.

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In Review: Marc Heal – The Hum

There is a zeitgeist in the air at the moment. A lot of things have changed. Artists have to do something different.  When you had already been making heavy as fuck music for a while now, influencing the likes of The Prodigy, where do you go?  Well, this album from Marc Heal is exactly the direction you go.

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