Atella’s Magnus and Johannes met during a piggyback race. That alone is enough to make you want to watch this video, directed by the very talented Jørgen Håland. Closer To Life sees Norwegian duo Atella join forces with vocalist Frøder, recently cited as one of Norway’s most promising new artists, to deliver a track that reminds us of electronic music stalwarts like Röyksopp or Trentemøller in the best possible way.

Atella explain: “Closer To Life is the result of the good friendship we have with the amazing artist Frøder. The song is an atmospheric reflection of our world’s unstable and chaotic journey through the universe. Close To Life is the sequel (or prequel – who knows?!) to Closer To Life. A targeted journey through time and space, and the search for extraterrestrial and/or intelligent lifeforms – are we getting closer? We can feel it.” So there you go. Follow them on Facebook for more.